Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recognize the Blessings

Got up a little late this morning, but the blessing is "I'm on my feet"
Stepped into the hot sunshine, but the blessing is "I can feel the heat"
Took a stroll around the neighborhood, but the blessing is "I can walk"
Spoke to the children at the bus stop, but the blessing is "I'm able to talk"
Looked at the beautiful flowers and trees, but the blessing is "I can see"
Listen to my spirit deliver GODS message, and that message was "I am free"
Got back home dropped to my knees, didn't quite know what to say
Closed my eyes, tears started flowing, because the blessing is "I can still pray"
Now all that came from riding the G-Train, didn't know where Conductor GOD
would lead me, but He took me around, then set me back down after supplying
His words to feed me.
©2012 Thomas L. White III