Monday, March 19, 2012


                    We went from eating graham crackers, and taking 10 minute naps
                    To rolling and smoking joints, asking "what they hit fo" wit the craps
                    We went from studying school books and learning the golden rules
                    To hanging out on street corners, like thugged out hustling fools

                   But everything seemed okay, hell we were just ghetto kids anyway
                   We would hang out all night long, and sleep in school all the next day
                   Now I just think about my friends, the ones who couldn't come back
                   Ones the streets smoked up, like a crackhead smoking some crack

                                 Yesterday I remember us talking about our dreams
                                 But today I watch their mothers crying
                                 Knowing that not one of my friends ever dreamed
                                Of their mothers watching them in these city streets dying!

©2004 Thomas L. White III