Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My picture is clear”

To know real beauty is too see in her eyes when my eyes are closed,
Much to the imagination I would suppose.
Yet so real it is from my internal point of view
That the closure of my eyes is where this remains all true
I see her essence from the beginning, from the very start
From my rib, to her formation to the placement of her special heart
I see a light when she appears, because of her special glow
I watch her fly through the sky resting only atop the rainbow
If only she could see herself through the windows to my soul
If only she would just be her true self for this world to behold.

©2012 Thomas L. White III

All I ask

With tears of sincerity I ask the Lord to step in
To stay by my side and protect me from all sin
To help me to rise whenever I might slip
To keep my mind focused on life’s amazing trip
Lord; help me to stay calm when others are mad
Help me lift their spirits when they’re feeling sad
Lord bless me with the strength to carry the load
So that I may walk one day on your Golden road!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

“Sweet land of liberty”

America, America land of the brave, home of the free
Always good at camouflaging things it doesn’t want the world to see.
But most times we’re so arrogant that we won’t even try to hide it
Never changing that old attitude is what’s keeping this country divided.
Oh…we’re always one when it’s time to flex and go off to war
When it’s time to protect the rich whose intent is to never let the poor in their door.
We’re what's called a “best interest” country and have been all along
Always ready to turn our back or go on the attack if others aren’t singing our song.
We can’t move forward, because “Jimmy the Crow” keeps trying to take us back
Won’t pass common sense policies just because the elected President is black
Talking about democrats and republicans and which will move the country ahead
But for some the real agenda is to only keep the wealthy in the black
While the rest of this beautiful country sinks further financially into the red.
Maybe we should look at our flag, maybe add more colors to the red, white, and blue
Maybe then it would represent us all, and not just a damn chosen few!

©2012 Thomas L. White III


Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's a Queen to do? (Excerpt)

Every woman is a Queen if only she would believe
And trust in the father God, for He will never ever deceive
He placed you on earth’s garden, as its most beautiful flower
For His sons to love and respect every day, second, minute, and hour

Name me a great man, whom didn’t come from you
Name me a rough time when you weren’t there pushing nations through
How amazing is it that you were created from the rib of me

Yet I must come through your womb in this world in order to be free
For a man there’s ... 
©2012 Thomas L. White III

Wrong Opponent

     I awoke this morning with a clear understanding that the battle we deal with is not between the physical flesh and the spirit at all as I had previously thought.  For the physical is weak and is nothing without the spirit to drive it.
     We have only one body but just like a house with many members, many spirits enter and exit that one physical dwelling. Our bodies are merely the house or personal arena for which the battles of the “spirits” inside are held.  What tends to show itself to the world is just the manifestation of which spirit is winning at a given time.

     We give our physical bodies too much credit! They are simply no match for the spirits. Our bodies don’t react to the spirit, it reacts because of the spirit, and generally speaking “spirits good or bad are always willing”, it’s no wonder the flesh is usually a mess.
     Just like soldiers on the battlefield, casualties of war, we become sacrificial pawns in the battle for what the spirits are fighting for….OUR SOULS   

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Double Joker Poker

If a man leaves a Queen that treats him as her King

for a woman that treats him as just another Jack.
He should never be surprised if the hand he's dealt
ends up consisting of just...two Jokers!


©2012 Thomas L. White III