Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eyes of Delusion""

Your beautiful words feed me
Like rain drops on blood roses.
Yet it's the vision you see
That I must question
For it's not what my mirror exposes
The reflection I see is foul
The beauty only covers the beast
My self-esteem is low
Exterior beauty's all I can show
Under the moonlight
You're the perfect feast!

©2008 Thomas L. White III

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Communities

People love to talk about giving back to the community, but what community would that be? Would it be a community of residence or a community of people? A community of residence is no more than a neighborhood we resided in and generally owned nothing! Often it lacks the basic necessities and is controlled by slum lords, drugs, gangs, and only held together by a few good hard working honest people that dress their homes up with steel bars masking the fear that resides within. The community of our people is the only community that really matters; it has no bounders and is rooted in a history of love, blood, sweat, culture, pain, and dignity. In my opinion it is impossible to give back to a residential (neighborhood) if that neighborhood gave you nothing to take forward in the first place, but it is all possible to give back to the community of people that reside in that neighborhood. Remember if enough is given back to the people of a community, the communities will change themselves!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Don't tell me about being a man
Based on your perception of what I should be!
Teach yourself first the qualities required to be a woman
then all you'll ever need, you'll find in me!
Realize that you did not teach your dream man to be a man
by saying that, this is what I mean,
The man already possessed those qualities long before he
became your dream!
Therefore you cannot teach me to be what you naturally are not.
But by understanding the nature of yourself
You can receive all that I've got.
For it's my nature to protect and care for who you naturally are
Cause you're as much a part of me, as is the night sky to a star!
So at best my lady, you can help me to become a man
by becoming the best woman you can be
For only then can I become the best of what is naturally me!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Thoughts (Rise and Shine)

      In this world of pain, struggle, redirection, and misdirection sometime people tend to put their dreams on the shelf and just accept becoming a piece or part in what makes someone else’s dream come true!
Remember the phrase “Nothing comes to sleepers but a dream”... Well if you sleep to long you’ll wake up to a Nightmare!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Night Light

I've got this restless feeling, last night I couldn't sleep
Laid there stirring at the ceiling, heard every sound, every peep
See my mind was really racing, didn't know what it was chasing
Got up looked into the mirror, didn't know who I was facing
I saw a lot of disappointment due to failed expectations
Discouragement had crept into my mind to become
a contiguous situation.

Then I remembered that in this life disappointment is unavoidable
Being discouraged is only temporary and very unpredictable
So I had to change my mindset, and take a few steps back
Somehow I had slipped off into the red, time to get back to the black

Cause once my spirit had cried inside until it couldn't cry anymore
And the confidence I'd carried thus far in life seemed shaken to its core
I had to slow my roll, and go inside where my soul and spirit was fed
And a voice said "Son I've heard your prayers" relax and go back to bed!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angels With Dirty Faces

I'm sitting here in hell trying to live like an angel
Outnumbered by millions as was Jesus in his manger
Got this weight on my shoulders, terrorist, death, child soldiers
Trouble's right outside our door, more lies told to console us
Now I didn't ask to be here, but right here is where I am
So my spirit soars high like an eagle guarding my flesh
As a shepherd would his lamb.
Still I get tired, feeling trapped even in the cloulds and sky
So if my rain falls upon you, know that's just the tears I cry
I know I won't live forever, but the dichotomy of a great man
Knows eternal life is his option, death is the devils game plan

See when I look upon the desert I see a trillion grains of sand
I visualize people who have walked this earth before me
Whose spirits have traveled off to a new land
So my conscious will keep searching as I climb life's ladder
And though I've slipped a few times the journey's all that really matters

Still I awake every morning seeing all these angels with dirty Faces
And I just pray GOD forgives us, for we were just brought up in dirty places.

©2007 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Great Debate

Some might say that GOD's most awesome and powerful creation was MAN
But then again all of GOD'S creations are awesome.
But who would argue that to take the rib of a MAN to make a WOMAN was a feat
as awesome as the making of MAN himself
But now Power... Power is a different story all together
For no one questions the power of MAN, why would they? GOD made MAN in his own IMAGE
And WOMAN, being made of MAN, couldn't have been as powerful as MAN...or was she?
For her power was so strong that MAN turned his back from walking with GOD to walk with her.
Now surely a creation made by the creator couldn't be as powerful as the creator himself
Yet her power was strong enough to take GOD'S most perfect and awesome creation into a life of HELL!
How could this happen? Surely WOMAN was made with a heart as pure as the heart of MAN
For she was made from MAN for MAN!
And surely GOD wouldn't give to MAN something or someone not in perfect harmony with that MAN
For to do so would seem like a setup of some sorts
Yet we all know that GOD made no mistakes in the makeup of his creations
Meaning...Two Perfect creations could not become a corrupt situation without some outside agitation.
SO the real question is while we're here on this earth, do we live to coexist? Or must we coexist to live?
For the truth is neither MAN nor WOMAN really have the power
We have only the AWESOMENESS of being created!

©2000 Thomas L. White III

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Looking Back


On the surface I seem to win, yet inside I lose
It's all due to choices that I decided to choose
Cause of all these emotions that I often feel
I must deal with this pain, pain that's all too real
See the tears from my soul
Run deeper than the water from my eyes
But it's no surprise, still I rise
Though I was conceived based on lies
Yet, like dripping water will form a puddle
That forms a pool
I've leaked through the cracks
Where defeat and heartbreak rule
I've had to deal with painful situations
And learn to rise above
I've had to hurdle all that hate
Too cross the finish line with love
And it was never really easy
My childhood of hurt and scandal
But looking back, I see God gave me
No more than I could really handle.

©2000 Thomas L. White III

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Directions

Start on Highway "Straight Up", get off on exit "Humble", take that all the way up to "Faith" stay on "Faith" through all of the traffic lights and detours because that Street is always under construction, but it will lead you to the main intersection of "Jesus and Christ", once you have crossed the intersection of "Jesus and Christ" you'll find yourself on "Deliverance Avenue" you can cut your navigation system off at that point because that Avenue takes you straight through "Heaven's Gate" into the House of GOD!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grandma's Words

Grandma used to tell me way back in the day
Boy dark times ain't the only time to pray
She said son in this life as you climb the hill
Make sure the things you feel, are the things that's real
Watch the people that you meet as you grow in age
Remember love is always stronger, then any misplaced rage
Cause you can be wet in the rain, and cold in the snow
Have no money in your pocket; feel at your all time low
But GOD has still got you covered, and when you need a real friend
Ask the Father to guild your way, and he will step right in
Just stay true to what you do, be humble in the way you live
Blessing will lay in the things you receive
But they will come based on how you give!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From The Outside Looking In

From where I stand I can see no wrong
I feel no hurt, like a perfect love song
I can't understand the problem, cause I'm only a friend
Who's kept at a distance, from the outside looking in!
While I see through my emotions, the things I wise could be
Am I blind 'cause of your beauty, style, grace, and mystery?
For those gifts without substance will only lead us to sin
Yet this is just my view, from the outside looking in!
Maybe my heart is open to receive a gift not being given
Such a clouded view from a man so emotionally driven
But still my motives I must question again and again
This strange feeling of a friend, from the outside looking in!
Oh how I would love to be that significant other
And believe things often happen for a reason
Just as flowers don't bloom in the winter
Our love hasn't grown this season
But I'm very one a scale of one to ten
Please understand my position, from the outside looking in!
Now I know in time , this picture will become clear
For the windows to your soul, will tell the story one day my dear
And the truth to that story, you'll never have to defend
Not to this man who views you...from the outside looking in!

©2000 Thomas L. White III

Love for Life

I've got a love for life, and a lust to live it.
So critical it is to our existence
Yet GOD blessed me with the ability to give it.
So why would I want to take another life away
since that’s the gift that I valve so much.
Why should I ever willingly deprive this world
the gift of another child of GOD human touch!
Because when I look deep into a person eyes
there's a mirror that I see
Reflections of their joys and pains, their losses and gains
Yes...In every person’s eyes I see a little piece of me.
So if the eyes are the windows to the view of one’s soul
then its inside those windows, where our life puzzles will unfold.
And through our trials and tribulations, through our torn and strife
we’ll survive if we stand strong, and just... have a love for life.

©2007 Thomas L. White III

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Return of Black

Black on black is not where it's at but it starts at an early age,
Just look in the eyes of the child and see the flames of rage
Is the real dad present or just an image locked away in a cage,
Cause mama was pretty and hot to trot but still very under age!
Now look at the young boy hustle, but he can't read a page,
So he hides behind the trigger of a pistol and a damn 12 gauge.
That poor bully baby that really knows no better
Thinks he's a man in the streets, though he's still a bed wetter

Trying to watch out for his sister, because he knows his mother's lover
Will find his way from mama's bed, too under his sisters cover.
Now he was supposed to be the shit, mama said call him dad
Cause he promised he'd give her some of the things that the real dad never had
Like a little bit of money, and a promise of a better place
But when she gave that nigga what he wanted,
He laughed and spit right in her face.

See you all may only remember the time you saw me with that bat
Thinking I was an animal out of control cause I beat a nigga out of his hat
You said he didn't deserve that beating, said this black on black's real sad
But it was snow on the ground when he beat my mother down
And kicked us out of his pad

So he didn't remember who I was, just a little nigga from his long pass
But I remembered who he was and I'm all grown now
So I choose to put some black back on that black ass!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

Monday, November 7, 2011


I looked back at a time, that really wasn't that good
Dreamed of hanging with my father, as any little boy would
But that just wasn't to be, cause as far as he was concerned
He had done his damn job, with the release of his sperm
Yet he wanted to be called a man, felt that was his right
Lived most of his life in darkness, not even man enough to seek the light

So where did that leave me, feeling emotions on a heighten level
recognizing blessings from GOD, constantly feeling pains from the devil
But I didn't ask for no handout, still don't till very this day
Just soldiered up like a real man, but asked GOD to lead my way!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

At What Point?

In order to love someone else, you must first know how to love yourself. This starts with understanding the beginning of life itself. God created life and the gift of living; it is and always will be our number one love for without life we don't exist. Yet if the most precious thing GOD ever gave us is life then the strongest thing we (GODS children) give back to life is the love of it. My questions would be at what point or age did we start deceiving ourselves into believing that the destructive vises we allow into our temples somehow equates to loving ourselves.
©2011 Thomas L. White III

Cocaine Powder

Saturday, November 5, 2011

( The Artist )


What is a song or poem in its purest form but a statement. It is a short story, book, or movie with a beginning, middle, and ending that you view mentally. It gives you a snap shot of one view through the eyes of the writer. Does it mean the writer/artist is bitter or angry? I think not! To me it simply means that the artist is enthusiastic about painting a picture with words that triggers an emotional response in the listener or reader. Though the path of a particular journey may be shared by many, the nuances and details from each person traveling the same path will vary. It is part of what makes us all unique!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Counterpunching Devil


You see I like everyone else have these self-destructive impulses
That goes along side of the accomplishments I'm most proud of
Often I've found myself on the dark side when my intentions were purely love,
Sank to wicked depths when my goal was only to rise above

But you see, I'm only human and we humans are creatures of habit
Like Peter Rabbit...we hop through life learning half the lessons
Hoping we'll get through the other half with a few mere blessings
Still I try to take my consciousness to the seventh level
But it's usually three toward GOD and four back toward the DEVIL

So I'll keep on pushing forward determined to stay on the GODS track
I'm shooting elbows at the DEVILS head ... but damn
The DEVIL keeps counterpunching back!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Beginning

One day I was awakened to a woman so very new
From a dream so very real to a smile so very true
As the situation would unfold
You're the woman that I gladly hold
For you're more valuable than a rainbows gold
Connecting with me like the body and soul
Fresh like the morning dew on a rose that opens
When the sky's so blue're a new beginning, and I want to kiss and tell
Cause baby you stimulate my mind
And leave me waiting to exhale!
See making love to you woman starts when the alarm clock rings
It's happening all day mentally
Cumulating with this nightly physical thing
As I touch you in the right spots and I feel your body relax
While we work in perfect rhythm to the hottest love tracks
You tell me cum on baby, I tell you not to fast
You say I'm in there tight as your favorite swimwear
I say woman I'm here to make it last!
See my mission is simply to please you
Whether from the bottom or from above
I'm coming straight from the Eastside baby
Destination "Black Bottom Love"
I'll be your blanket if you're ever freezing
Raise your body temperature with a little teasing
Stand by your side whatever the reason
And work your body right when you need some pleasing
Cause remember ain't nothing like the start of a new beginning
To wash away the hurt of an unhappy ending!
©2012 Thomas L. White III

Monday, October 31, 2011

How Many Times!


How many times in your life has your load felt too heavy to bear
How many times did you move forward though your path wasn't very clear,
How many times did you think you were drowning but came up only to find air?
Enough to never question GODS will cause through it all you're still here.

©2011 Thomas L. White III

To See or Not to See


"Because a man is blind, doesn't mean that he can't see!
Anymore than, because a man can see, doesn't mean that he isn't blind!"

©2011 Thomas L. White III

Sunday, October 30, 2011



I'm feeling black, black in every way
Black in the morning when I open my eyes
Black at night when I kneel down to pray
You see black is my mind, as black as my behind
Black like Huey, Martin, and Malcolm
Black from the beginning, till my time for dying
See I'm proud of my color, for my color was first
All others derive from me, so how could my color be a curse?
I am his creation
First chosen by the lord to populate this earthly nation
Now look me in my eyes, tell me you can't understand my frustration
For my true history has not been ridden in most books of education
And though I'm black when I dress to go to school
Where they don't teach my rich black history
Still I'm nobody's fool
I am black and powerful, and I'll say it out loud
Whether we're one on one, or I'm in front of a crowd
I'll wear my blackness proud in this world, while I'm dealin'
Cause for the rest of my life, black is how I'm feelin'

©2005 Thomas L. White III