Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eyes of Delusion""

Your beautiful words feed me
Like rain drops on blood roses.
Yet it's the vision you see
That I must question
For it's not what my mirror exposes
The reflection I see is foul
The beauty only covers the beast
My self-esteem is low
Exterior beauty's all I can show
Under the moonlight
You're the perfect feast!

©2008 Thomas L. White III

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Two Communities

People love to talk about giving back to the community, but what community would that be? Would it be a community of residence or a community of people? A community of residence is no more than a neighborhood we resided in and generally owned nothing! Often it lacks the basic necessities and is controlled by slum lords, drugs, gangs, and only held together by a few good hard working honest people that dress their homes up with steel bars masking the fear that resides within. The community of our people is the only community that really matters; it has no bounders and is rooted in a history of love, blood, sweat, culture, pain, and dignity. In my opinion it is impossible to give back to a residential (neighborhood) if that neighborhood gave you nothing to take forward in the first place, but it is all possible to give back to the community of people that reside in that neighborhood. Remember if enough is given back to the people of a community, the communities will change themselves!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Don't tell me about being a man
Based on your perception of what I should be!
Teach yourself first the qualities required to be a woman
then all you'll ever need, you'll find in me!
Realize that you did not teach your dream man to be a man
by saying that, this is what I mean,
The man already possessed those qualities long before he
became your dream!
Therefore you cannot teach me to be what you naturally are not.
But by understanding the nature of yourself
You can receive all that I've got.
For it's my nature to protect and care for who you naturally are
Cause you're as much a part of me, as is the night sky to a star!
So at best my lady, you can help me to become a man
by becoming the best woman you can be
For only then can I become the best of what is naturally me!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Morning Thoughts (Rise and Shine)

      In this world of pain, struggle, redirection, and misdirection sometime people tend to put their dreams on the shelf and just accept becoming a piece or part in what makes someone else’s dream come true!
Remember the phrase “Nothing comes to sleepers but a dream”... Well if you sleep to long you’ll wake up to a Nightmare!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Night Light

I've got this restless feeling, last night I couldn't sleep
Laid there stirring at the ceiling, heard every sound, every peep
See my mind was really racing, didn't know what it was chasing
Got up looked into the mirror, didn't know who I was facing
I saw a lot of disappointment due to failed expectations
Discouragement had crept into my mind to become
a contiguous situation.

Then I remembered that in this life disappointment is unavoidable
Being discouraged is only temporary and very unpredictable
So I had to change my mindset, and take a few steps back
Somehow I had slipped off into the red, time to get back to the black

Cause once my spirit had cried inside until it couldn't cry anymore
And the confidence I'd carried thus far in life seemed shaken to its core
I had to slow my roll, and go inside where my soul and spirit was fed
And a voice said "Son I've heard your prayers" relax and go back to bed!

©2012 Thomas L. White III