Monday, April 30, 2012


I remember in my felt so very real
I could see it, touch it, and know it was God's will
I'd walk by the ocean, encircled in such a mystic glow
Like the river runs into the sea, love seemed to constantly flow.
But I was awakened from my dream, like so many before me
Awakened from a pure pleasure, too face a harsh reality.
I remember in my dream, there was plenty of love to spare
Yet in my awakened state of mind, finding love is so very rare.
What is this thing called love that seems so illusive to me
And why must I fall into a dream, for love to become my reality?
Could love be my soul's inspiration in my unconscious state of mind
And when I awake in the morning that's when I really become blind!
Blind to the love that my heart truly wants to give
And blind to the love I so desperately need to live!
What a difficult task it seems to be to bring love from dreams to the real
Yet I hunger for love's illusive power as if it were my very last meal.
I still thirst to drink from loves overflowing cup
As would any man thirst for water while crossing desert sands
For I know the reality of love rest at my fingertips
Begging to be released from my unconscious dreamlands!

©1999 Thomas L. White III 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just A Thought

Today remember the power of a thought; All life flow from a thought, without a great thought there can be no great act. It's a double edge sword to mankind, for it's the basis for his greatest accomplishments and the root of his greatest fears all because it is " free from control" and as old as time itself. Remember we weren't just created we were thought about being created first, our world was not just sitting here in space, it was thought about first, then created and placed here...and that is why regardless to anything else we must think of God because God first thought of us!

 ©2012 Thomas L. White III

Thursday, April 26, 2012


With all my weaknesses I wonder if I shell ever see
The beautiful kingdom of GOD where there's peace and harmony
A place to let down my guard and let my wings spread wide
So angels can wash away the demons trying to grow inside.
I pray I can hold my ground until my judgment day comes
Though sometimes I feel like an ice cube that's been left out in the sun.
Part of me flows to nature, just like the Nile River,
Part of me rises like rain, ascending back to the sky
Part of me seems drawn through the cracks, to the sewer
And that's the part of me that I often pray would die.
Though some darker aspects of life says "It feels good"
When darkness takes hold of my existence
My soul screams "God please give me strength"
Cause without you I have no resistance.
So I'll continue to put my thoughts on paper
For I know I'm not the only one
That feels just like the little ice cube
That's been left out in the sun.

©2010 Thomas L. White III


I want to hold your hand

 I want to hold your hand through the wind and rain
I want to hold your hand through your times of pain
I want to hold your hand when you can't even see me
and lead you to the place where your spirit can be free
I want to hold your hand, when you want to give up
when you feeling all empty, my blessing will fill your cup
I want to hold your hand when your faith is not strong
too let you know in your heart, that you're never alone

I will never ever fail you, if you would simply understand
how to open up your fist, and let me just hold your hand!

©2012 Thomas L. White III

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Opinion (The Obvious)

     It’s hard to understand today why people are so surprised at racism; written history has always shown a knack for attributing achievements falsely and the governmental policies and systems each culture fostered instilling such doctrines or beliefs of one’s race superiority over others.

     In ancient wars the victor often attempted to destroy everything about its opposition except its libraries (The Real Treasure). The victor claimed that knowledge as its own, thus destroying and distorting any record of contributions to the world by the defected people, a practice which served two purposes, one it advanced the knowledge of the victor and secondly distorted and all but wiped out the contributions made to society by the loser.
      These aforementioned actions are just a few of a plethora of examples which attributed to racism becoming one of the oldest, strongest and deeply rooted subliminal feelings to ever exist in mankind. People who feel the need to separate others based off of color, language, religion, or biases and assumptions  create a sub culture blind to racial boundaries with no bases other than ignorance, fueled by lack of understanding, intolerance, discrimination and ultimately hatred.
 They lose sight of the reality that there’s but one race, the human race and become merely people connected by one negative trait; the belief that they are not equal but better than their fellowman.

©2012 Thomas L. White III