Saturday, August 6, 2011


Evil often sweeps upon me
to defile me as a man.
It swirls within to pollute my spirit,
like a storm of hot desert sand.

Thou I open my eyes to the heavenly sky
My vision is so often blurred.
But I'll keep looking for a sign, and listening for the divine
Until I fully understand GOD's everlasting word.

See I know the role that evil plays
My soul being the devils grand prize.
Therefore I can't look for man
To save me from man,
For any man could be the devil in disguise.

I must look within my soul, and feel with all my heart
For my eyes to truly see.
The place where evil has no hold, and the streets are solid gold
Where GOD resides... and my address will ultimately be.

©2005 Thomas L. White III

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