Monday, July 9, 2012

Nothing but the truth

The most selfish act of any husband and wife is depriving their child of a decent life.
Without nurturing the seed of that gift of life, they've cut the root of the flower with a knife.
Now the child runs wild, void of direction, becoming what society calls a diseased infection.
We as a people must cultivate our garden, and stop our hearts from being hardened.

For when you turn your back on a little child, they generally won't see forgiveness
Only handcuffs and court rooms with a judge, a prosecutor and the witness
Against your own sons and daughters, now that itself  should be quite scary
But in this land of the free, home of the brave diseases are removed by any means necessary!

Let's pray this premonition doesn't happen, we've got our warnings in advance
Look at the prisons and grave yards filled with our children; do you think this is just by chance?
Not according to William Lynch, the sadistic white slave owner in the year 1712
That promised his approach wouldn never fail in making the black mans life a living hell.

Divide us up with distrust, envy, and fear. The same shit we use on each other to this very year.
How else could the descendants of "Kings and Pharaohs" become so psychologically dependent?
Killing their own over colored rags and gang tags cause they somehow feel mentally offended.

Now surely you all can understand this "you all" meaning the well educated
The few that sits up high on the hill, whose memories of the hard times have faded
Or even the ones who watch our kids kill for something they don't own only rent
On their way to a prison cell or even worst, where the rest of their lives will be spent

Just another black man without a profession, no worthy occupation, and no forward direction
Dependent on a society that never gave a damn about his face or his race
Only the success of  the William Lynch scam.

©2012 Thomas L. White III

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