Tuesday, August 28, 2012

For Love

If I have a chance to hold you again
I would open my heart and let you walk right in
I would hold you as close as petals on a rose
As we walk through the breeze as the soft wind flows
I would gaze deep in your eyes to see reflect ions at night
Of the stars in the sky and the moon so bright
I would stand by your side, and protect you from harm
Shower you with my love just to dry you off with my charm
I would never be too far away for you reach out and touch
I’ll love you forever and always ‘because you mean just that much
I would pray to God faithfully to keep things right
In the name of His Son ask that He keeps us in His light
And if all that didn’t work I would ask in the end
That He blesses us with more wisdom so we can try it again
And when God decides if time for my very last breathe
I’ll pray from my heart He gives it to you for it’s all I’ll have left…
Lovers Sunset Landscape Giclee Print <br> Note: The watermark in the image -AllPosters- will not appear on the artwork itself.
©2012 Thomas L. White III

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