Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Don't tell me about being a man
Based on your perception of what I should be!
Teach yourself first the qualities required to be a woman
then all you'll ever need, you'll find in me!
Realize that you did not teach your dream man to be a man
by saying that, this is what I mean,
The man already possessed those qualities long before he
became your dream!
Therefore you cannot teach me to be what you naturally are not.
But by understanding the nature of yourself
You can receive all that I've got.
For it's my nature to protect and care for who you naturally are
Cause you're as much a part of me, as is the night sky to a star!
So at best my lady, you can help me to become a man
by becoming the best woman you can be
For only then can I become the best of what is naturally me!

©2012 Thomas L. White III


  1. This is soooo true ...as many of my sisters don't realize that during the time of your "singleness" is a "blessing"!! Because during that time you will learn all about you...find yourself as a woman (likes & dislikes)and prepare yourselves to be the "virtous woman" Proverbs 31. The 'best" of you will only attract and bring out the best part of him...enhance, encourage, and embrace what you already have...a man!!

  2. wow so true we as women do not take the time to really look close at are self to really see what we are looking for in a men maybe that why i perfer being singal because it my save haven so when i do me mr right i will be ready for him.

  3. Thanks for the invitation again !!!! Um yes once a women is made ready and its God's devine will for marriage, things have a way of falling into place. But she has to work hard to be her best, she may have to work and wait but it will be eternally worth it !

  4. Awesome work Mr. White! It is clear, clean and to the point. Not too often have I had the pleasure of honestly saying this. You should consider pitching your work to national (and international) poetry contests? Let me know if I can be of service to you. Deborahculp@homtail.com

  5. Thank you so much Deborah for taking the time to view my work and appreciating it.

  6. Keep doing what u do Mr. White...what an inspiration =)