Monday, January 30, 2012

In My Neighborhood

In my neighborhood there are no street lights
Broken out due to neighborhood gun fights
Shell casings and dirty needles everywhere I step
Drugs hidden in the bed where my brother and I slept

Hand me down clothes, hell I was glad I got 'em
Wasn't nothing new coming in, so I would have been naked without 'em
Pop whipped me one time cause I wouldn't call him dad
Guess I embarrassed him in front of all the women that he had

But I understood his dilemma, still I wouldn't give in
Cause there were to many men acting as my mother's friend
Only to act like he did and leave us broke and hurt in the end.  

In my neighborhood only the strong survive
There was no cushion only pushing in order for us to stay alive
There were gangs on one corner, Pimps, hoes, and drugs on the other
So I went one way and to the other corner went my brother

We found what we thought was love on them corners
In most things that weren't right
But remember in my neighborhood

©2008 Thomas L. White III


  1. Totally digging this write Thomas! Back then when there were no street was rough. Glad you made it out!

  2. LadyJ247...People tend to think that every child has role models and in most cases they are so right, but it doesn't mean the role models and early options are worth a damn. Some are blessed to even stumble out of those situation and some never get out so they become a part of what makes it what it is...HELL.