Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Wrong Song"

Though she sees...she's often blind
Baby girl walking into the dark...unaware of what she'll find
Yet she's guided by the music...the thump of the bass
Those lyrics of negativity that will...lead her to disgrace
She looks for all the wrong places
Looks for approval...from all the wrong faces
But she knows so much...this baby girl with a smile
Though barely a teen she already...has a child
Seems only last year she was...long braids and pig tails
Double dutch, barbie dolls, girl scout but now...different cookie's sale
Her face says her life has all changed...innocence thrown in the trash
She's now a baby making babies
For a lustful moments' decision that will forever last
I wonder just where did she obtain... these so called skills
That will relegate her sweet a life of reaching
Was it the mixed messages from her parents?...was it her paster's preaching?
Or was it too little of both, replaced by some music video doing the DAMN TEACHING!
©2003 Thomas L. White III

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