Friday, February 10, 2012


Image Detail

Through the windows to my soul, I captured the image of the most obscene vision
That I would ever see.
It's the un-natural act of a man made famine on dark skinned people who once were
just like me!
Through the windows to my soul I've seen innocent little babies become hardened drug dealers,
As they sell their souls to wear designer clothes on the way to becoming prison cell fillers.
I've seen the daily prayer taken out of schools, replaced by metal detectors and gun toting fools
Resulting in children of all colors with no educational tools thinking respect is found
in their Air Jordan shoes
I've seen a mother and her child barely alive starving day to day, and the buffet plate over-running
with food as people take one bite and throw the rest away
I've watched a father of a child quit his job with a smile because the judge had ordered him to pay
And I close my eyes to these painful visions and I pray that GOD will show us a better way.
Through the windows to my soul I see blood on the streets in lands that were once so peaceful and calm
And I see political fanatics and military power addicts on CNN praising this damn smart bomb
I've seen the truth distorted and drug cartels courted for the sake of the almighty dollar
And the politicians keep lying and plastic cards get people buying and it makes you want
To scream and holler
I've watched the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in what we call a democracy
Where the insurance and oil companies keep scheming, and the less fortunate keep on dreaming
of ways to escape this hypocrisy.
I often wish that my eyes didn't see, the dark things shown through these visions to me
But would being blind really change the times or the vision that GOD wants my spirit to see
For I've based most of my decisions to avoid lifes collisions on nothing more than

these ever changing visions!
©2005 Thomas L. White III 

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