Monday, April 30, 2012


I remember in my felt so very real
I could see it, touch it, and know it was God's will
I'd walk by the ocean, encircled in such a mystic glow
Like the river runs into the sea, love seemed to constantly flow.
But I was awakened from my dream, like so many before me
Awakened from a pure pleasure, too face a harsh reality.
I remember in my dream, there was plenty of love to spare
Yet in my awakened state of mind, finding love is so very rare.
What is this thing called love that seems so illusive to me
And why must I fall into a dream, for love to become my reality?
Could love be my soul's inspiration in my unconscious state of mind
And when I awake in the morning that's when I really become blind!
Blind to the love that my heart truly wants to give
And blind to the love I so desperately need to live!
What a difficult task it seems to be to bring love from dreams to the real
Yet I hunger for love's illusive power as if it were my very last meal.
I still thirst to drink from loves overflowing cup
As would any man thirst for water while crossing desert sands
For I know the reality of love rest at my fingertips
Begging to be released from my unconscious dreamlands!

©1999 Thomas L. White III 

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  1. They say you can't give what you don't have so altho you may not feel it, know that YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF LOVE ❤ May your cup continue to overflow!....#inAWE