Thursday, April 26, 2012


With all my weaknesses I wonder if I shell ever see
The beautiful kingdom of GOD where there's peace and harmony
A place to let down my guard and let my wings spread wide
So angels can wash away the demons trying to grow inside.
I pray I can hold my ground until my judgment day comes
Though sometimes I feel like an ice cube that's been left out in the sun.
Part of me flows to nature, just like the Nile River,
Part of me rises like rain, ascending back to the sky
Part of me seems drawn through the cracks, to the sewer
And that's the part of me that I often pray would die.
Though some darker aspects of life says "It feels good"
When darkness takes hold of my existence
My soul screams "God please give me strength"
Cause without you I have no resistance.
So I'll continue to put my thoughts on paper
For I know I'm not the only one
That feels just like the little ice cube
That's been left out in the sun.

©2010 Thomas L. White III



  1. No you're not...been there done that. Excellent Thomas!

  2. Thank you LadyJ247, Some things in life will leave you feeling alone even with many people around you!