Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wrong Opponent

     I awoke this morning with a clear understanding that the battle we deal with is not between the physical flesh and the spirit at all as I had previously thought.  For the physical is weak and is nothing without the spirit to drive it.
     We have only one body but just like a house with many members, many spirits enter and exit that one physical dwelling. Our bodies are merely the house or personal arena for which the battles of the “spirits” inside are held.  What tends to show itself to the world is just the manifestation of which spirit is winning at a given time.

     We give our physical bodies too much credit! They are simply no match for the spirits. Our bodies don’t react to the spirit, it reacts because of the spirit, and generally speaking “spirits good or bad are always willing”, it’s no wonder the flesh is usually a mess.
     Just like soldiers on the battlefield, casualties of war, we become sacrificial pawns in the battle for what the spirits are fighting for….OUR SOULS   

©2012 Thomas L. White III

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