Wednesday, October 24, 2012

“Sweet land of liberty”

America, America land of the brave, home of the free
Always good at camouflaging things it doesn’t want the world to see.
But most times we’re so arrogant that we won’t even try to hide it
Never changing that old attitude is what’s keeping this country divided.
Oh…we’re always one when it’s time to flex and go off to war
When it’s time to protect the rich whose intent is to never let the poor in their door.
We’re what's called a “best interest” country and have been all along
Always ready to turn our back or go on the attack if others aren’t singing our song.
We can’t move forward, because “Jimmy the Crow” keeps trying to take us back
Won’t pass common sense policies just because the elected President is black
Talking about democrats and republicans and which will move the country ahead
But for some the real agenda is to only keep the wealthy in the black
While the rest of this beautiful country sinks further financially into the red.
Maybe we should look at our flag, maybe add more colors to the red, white, and blue
Maybe then it would represent us all, and not just a damn chosen few!

©2012 Thomas L. White III


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