Thursday, August 22, 2013

Stars Cry

When I wake in the morning with tears in my eyes
I know the stars cry
When I think of how an eagle flies through the sky
I know the stars cry
When I feel the struggles and pain from the start
I know the stars cry
When I think of the love that's locked in our hearts
I know the stars cry
For the stars are the angels watching over us
Crying to protect our spirits from the ever rising dust
Cleansing our soul, of the old for new growth
Oh yes stars cry, believe me... the stars cry...
And if they should ever stop, life will cease to be
The life that God the Father meant for it to be
So yes go ahead cry my stars, for one day soon we'll all be free
And I open my heart to your tears for I know you cry for me...♥

©2013 Thomas L. White III (D-Soul-1)

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