Sunday, December 29, 2013

History, Trickery, Tock!

History, Trickery, Tock! 

How much pain and shame must man endure?
How many must perish before we find the cure?
How many beautiful spirits must fill the sky?
How many of God gifts must violently die?
I know not the answer to any of these questions
Why death and pain comes in such huge portions
Or why a nation of men would turn on their brother
Or a husband and wife would turn on one another
Or a son looks at dad with eyes so sad
And turns his face from God because he's discussed and mad
All I know is I have hope and pray for a better day
When this world will change and again walk God's way
Though it hurts when we fall, we must keep reaching
For through all our mistakes He's never stopped teaching
For the world we live in started with just one
And each one of us can change it before we're done
For all of our time was created on God's clock
So we mustn't fall prey to Satan’s history, trickery, tock.

©2013 Thomas L. White III (D-Soul)

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