Sunday, September 4, 2011


As my life seems to flash before my very eyes
I focus in on the future, and leave the past where it lies
For the pains of my past comes as an unwelcomed surprise
Still I keep my head to the sky, Lord please make me wise!

See my level on consciousness, has been developed by my past history
And like an old tape, it gets distorted when replayed to see!
When I rewind to tight the bestiality within runs free
But when I'm played just right, I'm all love, peace and divinity!

I'm feeling like man and beast all at the same time
Loving one second, and ready to destroy the next
Meaning that I walk a very thin line!
While searching for answers to the mysteries in my mind
Unlocking mental doors, scared with anticipation of what I might find.

Still I venture on like a soldier into the night
Into the furthest corners of my mind, determined to make this life right
But this constant self-observation, hell it keeps me guessing
About which road I should take, and that keeps me stressing
Never able to relax, or take my thoughts to the max
To many false inputs, not enough true facts!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

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