Monday, September 12, 2011

Morning Thoughts ( Changing )

     How can people look in the mirror every morning, know they don't like what they see, yet blame everyone and everything for that reflection. Is that why people keep their "Make Up" next to the mirror? I don't know! But I'm sure that beautifying the outside of a building doesn't fix the internal structure. That requires Change a constant that GOD put into existence in the beginning of time long before you put a positive or negative spin on it, so the acceptance of change must be where the difficulty lies. Remember though we have no control over the Constance called Change, we as individuals do have the power to Constantly Change!

©2012 Thomas L. White III


  1. I just posted about that distorted view from lookin in mirrors and at the time of the post i was referring to someone else but I was convicted by the realization that some of my views were distorted. I used to be so happy with myself yet ive allowed the rejection of others, be it men or women, to have me think differently of myself! Once witty and confident, my view of myself has been distorted and a change is definitely necessary. I love freely, openly and truthfully but many have taken my kindness for a blindness and altho ive always preached not to have baggage, it gives u walls & creates the needed boundaries so u cant be hurt again & again. So yes, altho i dnt wear much makeup, i will start applying a little..... Change is here! & i will embrace it amd learn from it!

  2. Great morning post and a great comment to follow.

    Individuals define their existence by the constant "state of change" that's more powerful than we give credit too. You can have individuals who like the 1st commenter said... in so many ways you let others shape your ways of thinking and acting until you don't like what you see anymore. It would be the same as an individual who has many roles to play so... he/she is constantly changing with the day, the moments, the comments, the hubby/wife, or significant other, the kids, the parents, the school, the co workers, the church, the news, the public...and so on. Therefore allowing all those forces to shape you into something you may not like anymore, then realize it's ME that needs to change but you start all the positive things eat healthy, exercise, read bible more, go to church, find positive friends, be a better parent, be a better lover, be a better friend, be a better spouse you do all the things that make U feel a lil better about yourself, and yes those self help books from a to z, and then BAM!!! You have an idiot that fricks it all up!!! Whether it was a comment or action, they just took you from a place called "yes" & replaced that positive space you were in with negative noise. You just allowed yourself to go back to a place you just crawled from because of an individual, moment, commment or circumstance. Someone who thinks they have all the answers just because they "know" and they have no spiritual guidance or leadership or teacher or teaching from anyone but a "yes club" (friends who just say yes to you) which is sooo dangerous (let's go rob a bank & not one fool said NO that's not a good idea). You say wow... how can a person like that look in the mirror knowing that they TOO could change (spouse, boss, friend, whoever, they know who they are). Everyone won't change at the same time. We all got that!!! soundzzz great but won't happen. You can't call it change when your change is good only for a moment it's another word for that... and it's called "hypocritical" (PROFESSING feelings or virtues that one does NOT have.)...It's just an instant self gratification cause you think its a good thing to say but your actions are a 360 degree difference. When you have people like that around you constantly and maybe unintentionally or I hope they just don't know the flow that they portray has a horrible impact on those around them. That person in the mirror use to be ME... NOT anymore, I am embracing my change, I LOVE waking up in the morning & thanking GOD for my breath. I love to be around positive people who inspire me with my passions, who give me great and beautiful words to live by. I LOVE looking in the mirror and finally loving the refection in it. GOD is good ALL the time. I am BLESSED and HIGHLY favored and love every minute of it. Don't let anyone steal your GLORY, the D is a liar but he comes hard and fast, he comes at what you love and who you love... Stay PRAYED UP!!! Someone elses change is their change whether for the better or worse, you can't live by that. We choose our own destiny and you can only change YOU and it starts WITHIN!!!

    Thanks for the encouraging words dividedsoul, hubby extraordinaire :)!!!