Friday, June 15, 2012

Loved One

     Just because we consider some people to be our loved ones, doesn’t mean that we love all of the things that they’ve done. In this life I’ve been called everything from nice, kind, and giving to full of myself, bull headed, cocky, and arrogant. From guarded, shy and quiet to calculating , smart and even narcissistic.

    On my journey back home I’ve come to realize that every one of those perceptions (depending on how you choose to view me) was true at some point. We all are a special creation within our self and that breath God blew into us consists of every worldly quality that exists good and bad.
     Yet I’ve always known that my God made me just the way he wanted and so I tend not to apologize to man only to God for what I know to be my shortcomings. Talking and praying to my God will ensure the message he placed in my heart reaches all of those I may not.
     I also know that when it’s my time for departure I want to be remembered as a loved one by those I’ve touched, yet I must say that for me it’s just more important to be remembered as a loved one by my God.

©2012 Thomas L. White III

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