Thursday, June 7, 2012

She Never Knew

She never knew that taking his hand, came at such a great risk
Or when he asked could he be her man, he meant only with his fist
Or when she looked in the mirror, she would no longer see her smile
Just a cracked tooth, or black eye's, was the only image she'd see for a while.
She never knew when he said "let's go out on a date"
It would turn into "Bitch you ain't going nowhere"
Or when he smiled and said "baby you look so beautiful in that dress
It would turn into "Bitch go do something with your hair
She just remembered him whispering all those sweet "NOTHINGS" close in her ear,
Back then she thought "Damn" this is the best feeling on earth
So she gave him everything she could possible give, but found out
Those "NOTHINGS" he whispered, too him was all she was really worth.

©2012 Thomas L. White III

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