Monday, June 11, 2012

Where In Hell Do I Start?

I don't walk through life feeling scared but I'm cautious
Keep my focus on winning yet I learn from my losses
But my mind says "In this life" son this you can bet
That nothing will ever turn green if it doesn’t get wet
So I accept the rain when it falls on my face
Ask how I deal with the pain, I just put it in its place
I recognize the light when there's a dark cloud
Try to focus on peace when everything seem loud
If I've messed up again, I get depressed this way
Need relief from my sins I look to my God and pray
Who else can I talk to when those around are full of shit?
Cause spitting a few words won't put out a fire when it's lit
But I know one thing for all those with the comments
I mean the ones on the fence with no spiritual sense
Who are you to correct me, tell me how I should be
When everything seen is not what every man can see
When I really need your help will you even be there
Or just shake your head and tell me how much you care
When the grass gets so thick it blocks out the sun
I try to run so fast yet nowhere have I run
Try to sleep at night, but my mind won't rest
Try to breathe real deep to ease the pain in my chest
Wake up in the morning praying to see some light
Praying God will forgive me for the things I didn't do right
Because I try every day, Lord knows in my heart
I want to get back home, but where in hell do I start?

©2012 Thomas L. White III

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