Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From The Outside Looking In

From where I stand I can see no wrong
I feel no hurt, like a perfect love song
I can't understand the problem, cause I'm only a friend
Who's kept at a distance, from the outside looking in!
While I see through my emotions, the things I wise could be
Am I blind 'cause of your beauty, style, grace, and mystery?
For those gifts without substance will only lead us to sin
Yet this is just my view, from the outside looking in!
Maybe my heart is open to receive a gift not being given
Such a clouded view from a man so emotionally driven
But still my motives I must question again and again
This strange feeling of a friend, from the outside looking in!
Oh how I would love to be that significant other
And believe things often happen for a reason
Just as flowers don't bloom in the winter
Our love hasn't grown this season
But I'm very one a scale of one to ten
Please understand my position, from the outside looking in!
Now I know in time , this picture will become clear
For the windows to your soul, will tell the story one day my dear
And the truth to that story, you'll never have to defend
Not to this man who views you...from the outside looking in!

©2000 Thomas L. White III

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