Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Great Debate

Some might say that GOD's most awesome and powerful creation was MAN
But then again all of GOD'S creations are awesome.
But who would argue that to take the rib of a MAN to make a WOMAN was a feat
as awesome as the making of MAN himself
But now Power... Power is a different story all together
For no one questions the power of MAN, why would they? GOD made MAN in his own IMAGE
And WOMAN, being made of MAN, couldn't have been as powerful as MAN...or was she?
For her power was so strong that MAN turned his back from walking with GOD to walk with her.
Now surely a creation made by the creator couldn't be as powerful as the creator himself
Yet her power was strong enough to take GOD'S most perfect and awesome creation into a life of HELL!
How could this happen? Surely WOMAN was made with a heart as pure as the heart of MAN
For she was made from MAN for MAN!
And surely GOD wouldn't give to MAN something or someone not in perfect harmony with that MAN
For to do so would seem like a setup of some sorts
Yet we all know that GOD made no mistakes in the makeup of his creations
Meaning...Two Perfect creations could not become a corrupt situation without some outside agitation.
SO the real question is while we're here on this earth, do we live to coexist? Or must we coexist to live?
For the truth is neither MAN nor WOMAN really have the power
We have only the AWESOMENESS of being created!

©2000 Thomas L. White III