Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Angels With Dirty Faces

I'm sitting here in hell trying to live like an angel
Outnumbered by millions as was Jesus in his manger
Got this weight on my shoulders, terrorist, death, child soldiers
Trouble's right outside our door, more lies told to console us
Now I didn't ask to be here, but right here is where I am
So my spirit soars high like an eagle guarding my flesh
As a shepherd would his lamb.
Still I get tired, feeling trapped even in the cloulds and sky
So if my rain falls upon you, know that's just the tears I cry
I know I won't live forever, but the dichotomy of a great man
Knows eternal life is his option, death is the devils game plan

See when I look upon the desert I see a trillion grains of sand
I visualize people who have walked this earth before me
Whose spirits have traveled off to a new land
So my conscious will keep searching as I climb life's ladder
And though I've slipped a few times the journey's all that really matters

Still I awake every morning seeing all these angels with dirty Faces
And I just pray GOD forgives us, for we were just brought up in dirty places.

©2007 Thomas L. White III


  1. Excellent...only the strong survives!! We did!

  2. Thanks Deidra for taking the time to understand the bases of this piece, there is strenght in numbers!