Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grandma's Words

Grandma used to tell me way back in the day
Boy dark times ain't the only time to pray
She said son in this life as you climb the hill
Make sure the things you feel, are the things that's real
Watch the people that you meet as you grow in age
Remember love is always stronger, then any misplaced rage
Cause you can be wet in the rain, and cold in the snow
Have no money in your pocket; feel at your all time low
But GOD has still got you covered, and when you need a real friend
Ask the Father to guild your way, and he will step right in
Just stay true to what you do, be humble in the way you live
Blessing will lay in the things you receive
But they will come based on how you give!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

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