Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Return of Black

Black on black is not where it's at but it starts at an early age,
Just look in the eyes of the child and see the flames of rage
Is the real dad present or just an image locked away in a cage,
Cause mama was pretty and hot to trot but still very under age!
Now look at the young boy hustle, but he can't read a page,
So he hides behind the trigger of a pistol and a damn 12 gauge.
That poor bully baby that really knows no better
Thinks he's a man in the streets, though he's still a bed wetter

Trying to watch out for his sister, because he knows his mother's lover
Will find his way from mama's bed, too under his sisters cover.
Now he was supposed to be the shit, mama said call him dad
Cause he promised he'd give her some of the things that the real dad never had
Like a little bit of money, and a promise of a better place
But when she gave that nigga what he wanted,
He laughed and spit right in her face.

See you all may only remember the time you saw me with that bat
Thinking I was an animal out of control cause I beat a nigga out of his hat
You said he didn't deserve that beating, said this black on black's real sad
But it was snow on the ground when he beat my mother down
And kicked us out of his pad

So he didn't remember who I was, just a little nigga from his long pass
But I remembered who he was and I'm all grown now
So I choose to put some black back on that black ass!

©2011 Thomas L. White III


  1. An interesting read, thank you for posting.
    I found the link on one your FB contacts wall.

  2. @RastaRican Studio; I really appreciate you giving me some time bruh, good looking out, too talk about a problem os always the beginning of fixing it!