Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love for Life

I've got a love for life, and a lust to live it.
So critical it is to our existence
Yet GOD blessed me with the ability to give it.
So why would I want to take another life away
since that’s the gift that I valve so much.
Why should I ever willingly deprive this world
the gift of another child of GOD human touch!
Because when I look deep into a person eyes
there's a mirror that I see
Reflections of their joys and pains, their losses and gains
Yes...In every person’s eyes I see a little piece of me.
So if the eyes are the windows to the view of one’s soul
then its inside those windows, where our life puzzles will unfold.
And through our trials and tribulations, through our torn and strife
we’ll survive if we stand strong, and just... have a love for life.

©2007 Thomas L. White III


  1. Fricking wow. You need to keep shouting these truths. Yes many need to here this. You are speaking it loud and clear. Many do not think in this manner. They do not know the ramifications of taking a life and the aftermath of it all. Tremendous Job T.W.

  2. Much love to you Missy, for supporting and keeping the knowledge conversation flowing!