Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Beginning

One day I was awakened to a woman so very new
From a dream so very real to a smile so very true
As the situation would unfold
You're the woman that I gladly hold
For you're more valuable than a rainbows gold
Connecting with me like the body and soul
Fresh like the morning dew on a rose that opens
When the sky's so blue're a new beginning, and I want to kiss and tell
Cause baby you stimulate my mind
And leave me waiting to exhale!
See making love to you woman starts when the alarm clock rings
It's happening all day mentally
Cumulating with this nightly physical thing
As I touch you in the right spots and I feel your body relax
While we work in perfect rhythm to the hottest love tracks
You tell me cum on baby, I tell you not to fast
You say I'm in there tight as your favorite swimwear
I say woman I'm here to make it last!
See my mission is simply to please you
Whether from the bottom or from above
I'm coming straight from the Eastside baby
Destination "Black Bottom Love"
I'll be your blanket if you're ever freezing
Raise your body temperature with a little teasing
Stand by your side whatever the reason
And work your body right when you need some pleasing
Cause remember ain't nothing like the start of a new beginning
To wash away the hurt of an unhappy ending!
©2012 Thomas L. White III


  1. Hot hot hot!! Need to write one for every issue of Black Pearl Magazine.