Sunday, October 30, 2011



I'm feeling black, black in every way
Black in the morning when I open my eyes
Black at night when I kneel down to pray
You see black is my mind, as black as my behind
Black like Huey, Martin, and Malcolm
Black from the beginning, till my time for dying
See I'm proud of my color, for my color was first
All others derive from me, so how could my color be a curse?
I am his creation
First chosen by the lord to populate this earthly nation
Now look me in my eyes, tell me you can't understand my frustration
For my true history has not been ridden in most books of education
And though I'm black when I dress to go to school
Where they don't teach my rich black history
Still I'm nobody's fool
I am black and powerful, and I'll say it out loud
Whether we're one on one, or I'm in front of a crowd
I'll wear my blackness proud in this world, while I'm dealin'
Cause for the rest of my life, black is how I'm feelin'

©2005 Thomas L. White III

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