Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ain't No Kids In The Ghetto

You know there ain't no kids in the ghetto
Born so poor, one step above skid row
Never understood the traps that were put there
Quick to realize in this life ain't shit fair
So I had to fight...fight to stay alive
Ever since I arrived it's how I've survived
Some may call me a victim, but that's only half true
Till my hunger and pain, made the victim become you

Role models "Hell" they were mostly losers
Only bright light they showed me was on police cruisers
Such a backwards way for a child to measure his success
From Sunday school suits to a bullet proof vest

So keep dumping the dope and guns where I live
Keep putting them in my hands so it's all I have to give
Keep closing your employment doors when you see my face
But quit crying about how I get Capital in this Capitalistic Place.
©2012 Thomas L. White III

 Thomas L. White