Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Tommie Smith und John Carlos

Let me start a list to tell you why I'm pissed
Why I never fully smile, why one hand is always a fist
I look at a system that's not quite right
Just because my skin is not that bright

I went through the process of being processed
Only to find myself in more processed mess
Though I build up this country and did my best
At the end of the day I'm treated as so much less
I've been hung in trees, burnt and beat to my knees
Though the camera always flashing, seems no one really sees
Now they insist on telling me that my eyes don't see
The things that I see, they say it just can't be

So there's not enough time to complete this list
but this is just an example of things that keep me Pissed!
©2011 Thomas L. White III

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