Monday, October 24, 2011

Man In the Mirror

There's no special way for me to pray, no certain words that I should say
so I'll keep it short because that's my way, and pray you hear my prayer today.
Dear GOD, it's that time again, to have a conversation from deep within
to bring you my thoughts, and put them on the table
because you know that I'm willing, and I know that you're able.
Able to pull me through when times are rough
though when things go right, I don't thank you enough.
So once again I call you Lord to get me through another day
dialing your number quite often, really not knowing what to say.
So I drop to my knees in search for the words
longing for the days, when I could hear the birds
I try to focus for the journey back, from the road of living hell
But only then do I realize just how far I really fell.
Still I just get on with the task of talking to you
Cause Lord you know my thoughts, even better than I do
I'll just present to you how I am, and who I've come to see
And ask that you help me to become the man in the mirror...
That I truly want to be.

©2006 Thomas L. White III

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