Saturday, October 1, 2011


I believe in Mother Nature and the beauty that she brings
In the grass that grows in summer, flowers blooming early spring
In the love we give each other, like a mother to her child
Gives of herself unconditionally, please listen for awhile

I believe that life has ups and downs, nobody knows the plan
In giving our problems to the man, just put them in GODS hands
Because we know he gave his life for us to have a chance to be
In the heavens that was made for us if all would just believe

I believe the neglected child didn't choose that way to be
And the poor man on the park bench life, would change if he would pray
In the girl that gives her body for a dollar and a line
Would do much better giving herself to Christ, he's much more worth her time

I believe in looking deep inside yourself , there the answer truly lies
Where the rhythm of your soul sees more than the vision in your eyes
When love and hate are on the battle field, I believe that love will win
I believe in the goodness of the heart, given from a real friend

I believe in the colors of the rainbow, and that dreams really do come true
I believe all things happen for a reason...I believe in you!

©2009 Thomas L. White III


  1. I love the depth expressed in this piece, looking forward to see more of your work, write on poet!