Sunday, October 9, 2011

Morning Thoughts (Reflecting Back)

My early childhood was spent surrounded by a very dysfunctional family on the lower eastside of Detroit, I tell my story through a lot of my poetry in order that others may understand how GOD can turn weeds into roses or what some may have considered yesterday's garbage into today's jewels. Make no mistake it has been a hard journey, but not one traveled alone, for every road I've traveled I've found traffic jams full of souls trying to make their way through. It seems as if at some point we all run into intersections in life where the traffic light seems broken...but based on GODS word the journey will never be more then we can handle...So get on with the journey, ain't nothing new, we might scar our knees sometimes but if we do our part... GOD will pull us through!

©2011 Thomas L. White III

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