Friday, October 7, 2011

Morning Thoughts Poem (It aint no game)

Everybody talks about life, It ain't no game
I've shed so many tears, I really feel their pain
Young boys deal drugs wanting fortune and fame
Spilling blood for a dollar, are we all insane
It's a shame
Cause a young mind ain't so wise
They can't really see the truth, through the shiney lies
Earth cries, death tolls on the rise, parents killing little babies
And no one's surprised
I only hope to wake and see a better day
But all I know is we got to do more than pray
Every day is a struggle, from when we're conceived
All kinds of teachings, but who do we believe
Homeland news won't say who's winning the war
But you can bet your life for sure that it ain't the poor
I thinking crazy thoughts of doing crazy things
Hoping to win in this life but it ain't no game!

©2008 Thomas L. White III

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