Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poem (Tears Of A Dream)

When I awoke this morning...
Tears were streaming down my face
Something that happened so long ago
Was touching my heart in a sacred place
I was dreaming about my parents
Yeah...they were finally getting it together
Gone were the drinking, abuse, drugs, and no hugs
Their hard times seemed at peace forever.

See there were things I didn't really like about my parents,
But still I always loved them.
Now that GOD has taken his troubled children away,
Seems I'm always thinking of them.

They put their hands upon my shoulder telling me
"Tee" everything's gone be alright.
We've watched you exhibit phenomenal strength
through life, and we've watched you cry alone at night.

We've watched you struggle with life's decisions,
And that's the failure we both will forever swallow
And we cry from were we lay, in this here purgatory
Because we left you no example to follow.

Yet we watch in amazement as others gain strength
From the things you possess within
And we creep into your dream from the land of in between
Praying to become true parents and your real friends.

©2011 Thomas L. White III

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