Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just The Other Day

God talked to me just the other day
He said my child you're slipping, get on your knees and pray
I know your road has been hard, but you're one of the chosen few
That's fought through all the madness, that's been placed in front of you
See I've made no mountain too high for you to climb
No chain so strong that you can't break
I've made no room so dark that you can't see the light
Allowed no pain so severe that you can't take.

But you must have faith deep down inside your heart
And know I've seen all your problems, even before they start
Because I've always been here, right by your side
I've felt the tears from your eyes on the many nights you've cried

Remember the times when you felt that you couldn't make it through
Those were the times I stepped in and carried you
So remember my child your spirit and soul is not for sell
And you may come to heaven with half the pains
In which it costs you to purchase hell!

©2000 Thomas L. White III

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