Monday, October 3, 2011

Morning Thoughts (Love of Self)

     In order to love someone else, we must first know how to love our self. This starts with understanding the beginning of life itself. God created life and the gift of living; it is and always will be our number one love for without life we don't exist. Yet if the most precious gift GOD ever gave us is life then the strongest gift we (GODS children) give back to life is the love of it. My questions would be at what point or age did we start deceiving ourselves into believing that the destructive vises we allow into our temples somehow equates to loving ourselves. There seems to be some serious confusion there somewhere!
     Fact of the matter is; If we truly love someone else we would never do anything to harm or shorten that gift that we claim to love so much (LIFE), for to do so doesn't prevent us from giving love, it only prevents the quantity of love we can give, Think of your car , picture the power being LOVE and you being the battery, the car runs off the power (LOVE) that flows through its battery (YOU) if that battery (YOU) isn't fully charged  it may turn on the radio and headlights, but though it is giving all the power (LOVE) it has within, it's just not enough to turn over the engine! Thus you will never get the returned love from your investment because you haven't given the car enough love to love you back properly.
     People tend to use the term "I love me some me" without really understanding the complexity of that phrase.  They tend to put more coats on the outside of their temple in order to camouflage , dress up or beautify the exterior then they do working on their interior which is the foundation and where the love of self begins.  Remember; going forward is the direction to travel…but the rear view is there for a reason! Check it out and see how much you really love yourself!


©2011 Thomas L. White III

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