Thursday, October 13, 2011


I've got this divided soul, I can feel it in my bones
How else could I tell you what's right then turn and do what's wrong
Deal with inner personal conflicts on no one am I relying
While consequences of my actions often leave me feeling like dying

It's my divided soul, that old battleground
Where my conscious is a flawless judge and jury
That only questions me when I'm feeling down
I know my blessing are many, my temptations are too
My sins are plenty, my good deeds are few!
Yet I was created in the image of the one who knows all
And though I've slipped on my path he's always been there to soften my fall
He was there when my mother died and I didn't know what to do
He was there when my father died and said 'Son I'll look after you

Still every day of my life is an intense confrontation
Never knowing if Heaven or Hell will be my final destination
But I push on searching for more positive inspirations
Only to find myself deeper darker situations

So I close my eyes to dream at night, but nightmares doesn't surprise me
Just awake me in a cold sweat cause these demons deep down inside me
I force myself back to sleep to let the story unfold
And find my back to the wall fighting one helluva fight
Against the dark side of my divided soul

Some battles I seem to win on others I'm left confused
But I'm there to fight, win or lose wrong or right, the choice is mine to choose
So before you judge me on my life, and the burdens that I carry
Take a long look into your divided soul, and you'll see a soul that's rather scary!

©1999 Thomas L. White III

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